Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Unable to Connect to SQL Server. sql server protocol sqlconnection sql sms system management services

Unable to Connect to SQL Server

For system management services we require sql server named pipes network support.
Because system management services have to communicate with sql server which stores the system management server database. SMS utilizes names pipes by default.

It is important that the client net library which establishes the connection much match the server netlibrary which accepts the connection. It is important that both client and server must use the same protocol.

If named pipes network support is not installed then system management services may failed to start and produce the following error message.

Unable to connect to SQL Server.

To correct follo the following steps

1. Start the sql client configuration utility.

2. Select net Library tab.

3. Select Named pipes in the default network drop-down combobox.

4. Click done

To check sql setup follow these steps

1. Run Sql server setup and click continue.

2. Select change network support and choose continue.

3. Select the network protocol which you wants to use in case named pipes.

4. The named pipe name dialog box appears. Click continue

5. Select Exit

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